Shows - Woodloch Celebrates The Wonderful World of Television Hawley, PA 2016 – Reviewed by Troy Bystrom Woodloch Celebrates the Wonderful World of Television is a creative compilation of memorable songs from decades of Television. For those who have never had the pleasure of attending a show at Woodloch, the production style is best described as a cross between a Broadway Show and Las Vegas Review. Located in Hawley, Pennsylvania, this show is performed on Far, Far, Far, Far Off Broadway in the Pocono Mountains. The show opens with a news segment featuring local TV celebrities George and Connie Roberts. As the curtain opens, the 30 foot TV Screen immediately grabs your attention as the cast performs a medley of show themes including favorites such as All in the Family, The Flintstones, Friends, Laverne and Shirley, and many others bringing back childhood memories for an audience spanning over three generations. Performances in the show that stand out are Joey Cassella’s energetic rendition of the theme from Sponge Bob Square Pants capturing the imagination of both youth and adults alike, followed later by Sammy Abuschinow’s rendition of Cheers transitioning the night club to a feeling of nostalgia. Scott “Scooter” Simpson steals the show with his performance during Woodloch’s Lip Sync Battle of All About the Bass. I can’t say any more without giving away the surprise twist that has the audience in tears laughing. The entire cast has great ensemble moments in Soul Train and a Tribute to Saturday Night Live. Dejay Branch’s soulful performance of Boys to Men’s End of the Road, Sammy’s live acoustic version of Home, Val Borman’s Poker Face, Jen Keisendahl’s Before He Cheats, and Nikki’ Granville’s Stronger are all highlights of the show. Joey and Scooter’s believable performance as Elwood and Jake as the Blues Brother’s provides a nice rhythm and blues moment to the musically diverse evening. The finale of Uptown Funk is a high-energy ending that will have you tapping your feet long after you leave Woodloch. Musical Director John Curtin’s skillful arrangements, along with Director Keith Marrapodi’s staging, work well together. Dale Dibernado’s Costumes add color and depth to the production against the skillful set design of Mark Cheney and the talented artistry of Carmen Gadson. At one point, the stage transforms from color to a convincing rendition of black & white TV transporting the audience through time into the studio of a 1950’s dance show. With the addition of over 30 moving lights and surprise special effects, lighting designer Aaron Spivey creates a rich visual tapestry throughout the production. The Wonderful World of Television runs through Thanksgiving with the running time for the show at about 80 minutes and well worth the trip to Far, Far, Far, Far Off-Broadway. Throughout the summer, the show is followed by very entertaining Comedians. The Wonderful World of Television is family friendly, a great dinner and a show evening, or a memorable date night out regardless of age. Woodloch Celebrates the Wonderful World of Television is a Joey Cassella Production. The show’s running crew includes the very capable Chris Engel as Technical Director, assisted by Nicholas Winship, and Spotlight Operator Tom Naccarato. More information on Woodloch and The Wonderful World of Television can be found on or by calling 800-966-3562. Troy Bystrom is a SAG Film and Television Actor and is Commissioner of the Northeast Pennsylvania Regional Film Office and Executive Producer for Pocono Mountain Film & TV. He has experience in many aspects of entertainment including production experience on Broadway, Off-Broadway, Television, Film, and Music.